a book by KesselsKramer and HappyPets.

In daily life, getting a tattoo is one of the more extreme decisions you can make. The reasons for choosing a tattoo are as personal as their wearers. Sometimes, tattoos act as permanent post-it notes for the ideas and people you love. At other times, they are frivolous creations, made on a whim, as a joke or to appease fashion.

INK explores all of these motivations in an eclectic mix of short stories from international writers. The stories are illustrated by renowned Swiss designers HappyPets and the book is available in a special large format in a limited and numbered edition of 250.

edited by Christian Bunyan & Zack McDonald, design by Angela Lidderdale, illustrations by HappyPets.

Black & white, 279 x 355 mm, 56 pages, soft cover.

Euro 45

ISBN 978-90-70478-29-2