Photographs by Ewoudt Boonstra and René Nuijens.

Text by Tyler Whisnand.

In an attempt to entice hungry customers to their restaurants, cafés and gourmet eateries, chefs have taken it upon themselves to make photographs of their dishes. They cook up their specialties for portraits that will forever capture their beauty in hopes that they will work their magic on food-seekers who roam the streets in need of sustenance.

Although a photograph may catch a particular instant of perfection, itself, as an object, steadily becomes dated. A fresh photograph of ham and eggs will, unless suitably treated and guarded, begin to deteriorate. Over-exposure to the sun and weather makes for a very short lifespan. Unconsciously, perhaps, all of us are able to see past the results of time and, when hungry, accept the use of the photograph over its beauty. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder who, sooner or later, will be hungry.

Color, 170 x 225 mm, 76 pages, soft cover.

ISBN 978-90-70478-09-4