2 Kilo has it all: the best and the not-so best, from the very first days of KesselsKramer in 1996 to the latest work being done in 2005 for brands such as Absolut Vodka, Diesel Jeans and Bavaria Beer. Printed in a massive volume that weighs in at a whopping 2000 grams, 2 kilo is a must-have for anyone interested in the work done by this small, international creative group located in a 19th Century church in the heart of Amsterdam.

Visit again with the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel's dog shit flag. Spend some time with the do create collection of furniture and products that were exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair as well as at Colette, Paris and the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. Study the future Tours de France that KesselsKramer created for Nike or run the Berlin Marathon with 78 year-old Heinrich Blümchen. 2 Kilo packs a punch, provides a broad and all-inclusive reference guide and will put an attractive dent in any desk or reading table.

Color, 148 x 257 mm, 880 pages, soft cover.

ISBN 978-4-89444-431-7